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Available Services

Terahertz Frequency Sessions

90% of illness is caused by blockage. Terahertz frequency is new, cutting edge technology that can open pathways in lymphatic, circulatory, endocrine and even neurological systems within the human body.

$30/hr. First session free 

Life Coach

Paul Lane has been a Certified Life Coach over 10 years and loves helping clients find their way in this turbulent world. Services vary by need, age and specific goals of the client.

Rife Frequency Sessions

Albert Einstein said that frequency is the medicine of the future. Rife frequency from Spooky2 Company offers over 50,000 frequencies to help balance and support health. Sessions start at $40/hr.

Meditation and Breathing

Learn meditation basics and find out how you can use meditation to gain control, balance and inner peace. Learn effective breathing techniques to help with anxiety, fear and stress.

Sound Therapy

We offer Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy, tuning fork therapy, along with essential oils and crystals and light massage.

Chaos Killers

This is a combination of many or all of the above! Gain focus on your life, discover your life direction and learn goal setting skills to help better attain your life goals.


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