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Paul Lane got his entrepreneurial and servant spirit from his mother who raised him along with his three sisters and two brothers. After completing Denver North High School in Denver, Colorado where he grew up, Paul entered the U.S. Army, where he proudly served his country and received an Honorable Discharge. While serving in the Army, Paul was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, the highest peace time award for soldiers. Paul has served in many leadership positions including four years as the Vice President of his Neighborhood Association (Greater Avondale Heights Improvements Association) and four years as President. Paul then became the President of his Alumni Association where he served as course instructor/facilitator for the Visiones, Multicultural and Transformational Leadership Program at the Colorado Community College.

After being honorably discharged, Paul completed a four year apprenticeship at Xcel Energy of Colorado. While employed there, he discovered that he had a tremendous desire and ability to reach and communicate with others. As a result of Paul's intense desire to serve others he became involved with Junior Achievement (Project Business Program). Soon there after, he developed and implemented an eight hour motivational class entitled "Kick Start" to teach kids the importance of staying in school. Paul taught his program throughout the Denver Public School system including Denver North, Denver South, Denver West, and Denver Lincoln High just to name a few. It was during this time at Xcel Energy that, Paul entered Regis University. Paul became involved as a Medic First Aid Instructor, Valuing Diversity Trainer, and Safety Committee Member. In 1994, he was chosen Employee Volunteer of the Year, out of 6000 employees.

He left the utility company in 1995 to serve as the Training Manager of a Denver Consulting firm. He taught OSHA compliance, Medic First Aid, as well as a host of other valuable topics from Installation of Natural Gas, to Workplace Diversity. He trained and qualified hundreds of contractors for the Natural Gas Industry during his tenure. In 2003, he was bitten by the 'entrepreneurial bug' and started his own Construction Company called Paul Lane Construction along with a Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation business.

In June 2006, his then wife Rita of 28 years was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Because of her debilitating condition, Paul became her full time caretaker. Paul decided that he didn't want her demise to be in vain, so he began to write his now published book, Through A Caretaker's Eyes. The experience was so life changing that Paul has devoted the rest of his life to help others prepare for, cope with and overcome the inevitable caretaker position we all will face.


Today, Paul is retired and serves as a Healer, Life Coach, and mentor. He uses cutting edge technologies, coupled with ancient techniques to help clients feel better, look better, or have a better sense of well being. He resides in Denver with his wife, Dee. He adores his grandchildren and family. He’s been the host of The Weekend Boost, a streaming radio talk show, featured on since 2019.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, is his favorite charity.

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