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As a result of losing several family members and loved ones to cancer, and having health issues of his own, Paul set out to find products that give relief and even reduce the chances of having to suffer the debilitating effects these illnesses create. And though he offers other herbal and other remedies, these are some of his favorites!

Through A Caretaker's Eyes  
by Paul Lane (Author) Mitchell McConnell (Editor), Debi Owens (Editor), Ruthie Urman (Editor)

A gripping true story of a caretaker's experience. Paul Lane cared for his wife of 28 years after the diagnosis of a highly aggressive brain tumor. Accompany him in a journey of human suffering, pain and healing. It is a self help book, a preparatory guide for catastrophic illness, and a etiquette guide for those who would like to give support for a caretaker in their lives.

The Caregiver's Handbook  - A Self-Help Love Story
by Paul Lane (Author)

The Caretaker's Handbook, is just that! A practical guide for those facing the harsh reality of the illness or death of a loved one. The book is quite entertaining, and you can simply pick it up and thumb through it to find well thought out ideas to better help you to better address your own journey on just about every page. This book should be in every hospital, nursing home and hospice center, to better equip family members to support those they love in life's darkest times.

iTeraCare Therapy Device  

iTeraCare Therapy Device strengthens healthy cells, repairs damaged cells, simultaneously expelling liquefy unhealthy cells. It clears block passage/ vessel and body detoxification. iTeraCare Therapy Device regulates the body temperature and improving the immunity system by activating the weak and inactive cells.

iherQles Therapy Device  

Bio hacking is real! IherQles is a revolutionary technology that actually allows your body to reverse age, using concentrated plant extracts! Try it for yourself and see the amazing benefits of this cutting edge product. Learn more.

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